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City In The Sky – Airborne


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City In The Sky – Airborne. This, the second episode in the three part documentary series produced by Hannah Fry and Dallas Campbell moves on from departure and into the sky. Right now there are more than 600,000 people flying in the air, something that requires the most strict of safely procedures to maintain air-travels fantastic track record as technology is stretched to extreme limits. In this film we take a close look at just what it takes to keep people in the “city in the sky” safe from take-off to landing.


How do pilots navigate across thousands of miles of ocean in the darkness of night and in extreme weather? How are more than 100,000 planes coordinated across the sky so they don’t collide? These are just two of the questions explored in this episode and its not just about planes and people since we also look at how horses are flown around the world to compete in show jumping competitions.

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