Just Melvin, Just Evil - documentary

Just Melvin, Just Evil
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Just Melvin, Just Evil, a deeply disturbing documentary about Melvin Just and his family who he sexually abused for years.


The film was made by James Ronald Whitney who is part of that family and lived through decades of abuse at the hands of his grandfather Melvin Just. What this man did was unbelievable and shocking because in his mind the idea of having sex with a 4-year-old child was OK and having incestuous relationships with his granddaughters seemed perfectly reasonable. What can make someone this evil and deluded? Well, the trail of abuse did not start with Melvin and has been running in the family for a long time as James explains in his documentary.


Just, Melvin: Just Evil does more than simply bringing to light how twisted Melvin was, it shows how much of a devasting impact the sexual abuse had on all of the family. James' mother has tried to commit suicide many times and one of his sisters became addicted to drugs. And with Melvin not even being resentful for his actions, there really is not much hope for resolve, however, James is going to do everything in his power to make sure there is justice.


One must be warned that this documentary covers a lot of dark themes such a paedophilia and rape so watch at your own discretion.


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