cannabis Documentaries

The Culture High

2014 Unrated

The Culture High examines the modern day prohibition of marijuana to provide an insight into the truths and lies behind both for and against legalising it.   The film was created by Canadian filmmaker Brett Harvey whos debut 2007 documentary "The Union: The Business Behind Getting Hi[...]

Cannabis to Save My Life

2017 Unrated

In "Cannabis to Save My Life" Patricia Crone, professor of Islamic history at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton attempts to find out if taking Marijuana can really save a life by fighting cancer.   Patricia was diagnosed with lung cancer which had already spread to h[...]

Kings of Cannabis

2013 Unrated

In the 2013 "Kings of Cannabis" film presented by Vice cannabis entrepreneur Arjan Roskam travels with a team of documentary filmmakers to Colombia in hunt of the countries three rarest strains of weed.   Ajan opened his first cannabis shop in 1993 and today he grows some of the[...]

Stacey Dooley Investigates: The Cannabis smugglers

2015 Unrated

  In the third episode of a six-part documentary series “Stacey Dooley Investigates” about the war on drugs, British investigative journalist Stacey Dooley travels to the state of Swaziland in  Southern Africa to meet with farmers who are growing some incredibly potent weed.[...]

Super High Me


In the documentary Super High Me stand up comedian Doug Benson aims to give an insight into the effects of using Cannabis by constantly smoking the plant a thirty day period. Doug is a stoner himself so to make the effects on him carry a little more objective weight he completely stops using th[...]

War on Kids


A film that takes a look into the lengths at which the government of the United State is going to on “the war on drugs”. The documentary looks specifically into operation glasshouse and the entrapment of Jesse Snodgrass who does not have any friends and is struggling with autism as[...]

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