War on Kids - documentary

War on Kids
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A film that takes a look into the lengths at which the government of the United State is going to on “the war on drugs”. The documentary looks specifically into operation glasshouse and the entrapment of Jesse Snodgrass who does not have any friends and is struggling with autism as he worked to graduate from college back in 2003. He was preyed upon by deputy Daniel Zipperstein who went deep cover at Chaparral High School posing as a student, he went to class a became friends with Jesse; it was the first friend that Jesse ever had. Little did he know that his new friend was in fact a well trained police officer who had one specific intention from the get-go, to get Jesse to sell him drugs by whatever means necessary.


Officer deputy Daniel Zipperstein repeatedly asked Jesse to purchase cannabis for him and eventually he did out of fear of loosing the one and only friend he ever had. He was charged with two felonies. Jessies story is just one of many from people who have had their future prospects demolished due to entrapment where the police force know of the zero drug tolerance policy on school premises and where simply handing over a joint to the undercover officer would lead to a felony charge. A felony charge has many implications such as loosing the ability to vote, quashed job opportunities and many more. Documentary film maker Krishna Andavolu investigates.

Conspiracy, Crime, Drugs

Krishna Andavolu
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