What on Earth is Wrong with Gravity? - documentary

What on Earth is Wrong with Gravity?
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From the swamps of Louisiana to the deserts of Arizona Brian Cox is looking for what the big problem with Gravity is. What is that problem? Well none of it really makes any sense in the grand scheme of things. Sure for the solar system it would seem that gravity is one of the major reasons why all of the planets are held together in there elliptical orbits but what about the larger objects such as galaxies? The science behind gravity makes it obvious that it is not the only force at work so understanding how gravity interacts with other particles is key to our knowledge of reality. 


Learning the fundamental way in which gravity works will help us explore why the universe is like it is and finally allow us to start understanding the why’s. Why is the universe able to support life? What is the meaning of life? These are questions that Brian Cox along with many other scientists believe can be answered when we solve the puzzle of the building blocks that make up reality, one of the most important of which being gravity. 


In this documentary Brian Cox takes us on a road trip across America to take us into this strange phenomena which makes up the world in which we live.

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Brian Cox
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