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The Great Math Mystery

2015 00:54:07 Unrated

“The Great Math Mystery”, a NOVA production documentary examining why we have culminated a supposed almost complete mathematical understanding of the world in...

Through The Wormhole: What is Nothing?

2012 00:39:17

Through the Worm Hole Season 3 episode 5 what is nothing? In this documentary Morgan Freeman explores the concept of nothing. We all have some picture of what nothing is but a...

The Brain with David Eagleman - 2. What Makes Me?

2016 00:56:49

Episode 2 of the Brain with David Eagleman we look at the phases of the devloping brain. By being born with an underdevloped brain, it has enables us to mold and shape our brain in...

The Brain with David Eagleman - 1. What Is Reality?

2013 00:56:45

A new documentary series presented by David Eagleman. This is the first episode in the series which explores how the Brain really works to create the reality that we experience in...

What on Earth is Wrong with Gravity?

2008 00:49:07

From the swamps of Louisiana to the deserts of Arizona Brian Cox is looking for what the big problem with Gravity is. What is that problem? Well none of it really makes any sense i...

To Infinity and Beyond

2010 00:59:10

Infinity is one of the most bizarre phenomena that we know of. No body really knows what infinity is or whether it even exists as nothing can be proven with a number that has no re...

State of Mind: The Psychology of Control

2013 02:43:53

Are you controlled? And if so by who and to what extend? The documentary State of Mind: The Psychology of Control tries to answer some of these questions and sheds light on wh...

What Is Reality?

2011 00:58:12

A BBC horizon documentary which aims to answer a fundamental question: What is reality? Surely this is obvious but when you think about it, it is not as there is a strange world wh...

Do you know what time it is?

2009 00:59:07

Time seems simple on face value but if you were to actually to describe time then you would quickly realise that it is pretty strange. In this documentary Brian Cox explores the or...

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