Project Greenglow: The Quest for Gravity Control - documentary

Project Greenglow: The Quest for Gravity Control
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Project Greenglow, the project for controlling gravity. Gravity is a force that binds the whole universe together; if we did not have it the universe would probably not exist at all because it would have simply fallen apart. As a result, this mysterious force has captivated humans for centuries most notably with Sir Isaac Newton and the story of the Apple falling on his head. Gravity is a weak force in cosmic terms, never the less it has so much control over our lives it’s hard to imagine actually being able to control it. But back in the 1990’s that is exactly what UK based defence manufacturer BAE systems attempted to do under the top-secret project named “Greenglow”; This really was science fiction turning into reality since it would most certainly move the human species much higher up the Kardashev scale (a ranking factor among civilisations across the cosmos). It was not only the UK who were partaking in controlling gravity as NASA had their own simultaneous project which was exploring many concepts of bending our current knowledge of physics from faster than light travel to warp drives.


The 2016 Project Greenglow - The Quest for Gravity Control documentary produced by the BBC explores humanities long-standing obsession with controlling gravity. The film looks into current breakthroughs which may well allow us to manipulate and control gravity using loopholes in conventional physics. This groundbreaking work will help us understand the universe like never before and unlock powers we could have only dreamed of before, maybe flying cars such as the ones in Back To The Future 2 and flying to the stars will become an everyday occurrence thanks to this research. We will only know if funding towards projects like these is ample.


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