Cold War Documentaries

Nukes in Space


Nukes in Space, a 1999 documentary by Peter Kuran with narration from American actor William Shatner (Star Trek) about the development of the intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) in both Russia and the United States.   Kuran is known for his visual effect works on many high-profile m[...]

The War of the World

2006 Unrated

The War of the World is a documentary pushing the idea that world war 1, 2 and the Cold War were not separate wars but one continuous century-long war.   This theory is presented by controversial historian Niall Ferguson who wrote a book called The War of the World: History's Age of H[...]

Space Race

2005 Unrated

  A 2005 BBC documentary drama series chronicling in the famous Space Race between the Soviet Union and the United States during The Cold War, presented by British actor Richard Dillane (ARGO). Since it was a "race" then who won it went all is said and done? In the b[...]

Cold War


A Cold War documentary series produced by CNN covering many aspects of this era. The Cold War officially lasted between 1947 - 1991 and was a string of tensions between nuclear powers with opposing values; Capitalism to the west led by the United States and communism to the East led by the Sovi[...]

Unforgettable: The Korean War

2010 Unrated

American film-maker and director Tom Kleespie presents Unforgettable: The Korean War a film which explores “the forgotten war” through interviewing servicemen from the US, Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force who share their first-hand experiences in one of the worst conflicts of[...]

The Korean War in Colour


  The North Korean army flooded into South Korean on 25th June 1950 with more than 75,000 soldiers across the 38th parallel blockade. This was the first military action since the beginning of the Cold War. As a result, the United States entered the war on behalf of South Korea as t[...]

1968 Vietnam War


20th Century Battlefields 1968 Vietnam war documentary. The Vietnam war, also known as the resistance war against America was a cold war era proxy war which began on the first of November 1955 and ended with the fall of Saigon on the 30th April 1975. It was fought by the Soviet & Chinese&nb[...]

Secrets of War: Spy Planes


Secrets of War, spy planes is the fifth episode in the series narrated by Charlton Heston. The key to winning a war is having intelligence but, more importantly intelligence that your enemy does not know you have. As a result countries like the United States have put in an awful amount of money over[...]

The Putin System


The Putin System: Vladimir Putin, former KGB officer is both the instrument and the architect of a new Russian political system.    Whether it be called a managed democracy, a militocracy or a semi dictatorship, it has restored national pride, by creating new domestic and foreig[...]

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