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Nukes in Space
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Nukes in Space, a 1999 documentary by Peter Kuran with narration from American actor William Shatner (Star Trek) about the development of the intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) in both Russia and the United States.


Kuran is known for his visual effect works on many high-profile movies, but he has also made a number of documentaries on the development of nuclear weapons. Most notable being "Trinity and Beyond" for which he won an award for developing a new film developing technique to bring old damaged footage back to life. Rather than focusing on the progress of warhead technology this documentary is primarily about the missiles and the importance of being able to put nukes in space during the Cold War.


"Nukes in Space" comprises almost completely of archive footage, showing how the two great Cold War rivals developed missiles with shorter launch windows, greater range and accuracy.  Liquid fuel was used on both U.S and Soviet ICBM's in 1950's but they were incredibly dangerous and took a long time to prepare for launch. The development of solid fuel's eventually led to the U.S.-built LGM-30 Minuteman and Soviet RT-2PM Topol armed with h-bombs which could essentially be launched at the press of a button and bring about Armageddon.

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