The Truth About... Looking Good - documentary

The Truth About... Looking Good
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The Truth About... Looking Good: The cosmetics industry in the UK is worth over £9 billion, selling products which promise to make us look younger, healthier and more attractive. Many of them claim to perform amazing transformations, but how much of what these products claim to do is based on scientific evidence?


This documentary hosted by British TV presenter Cherry Healey puts beauty products to the test with the help of 25 volunteers and researchers at the University of Sheffield. One of the key areas of study is the anti-ageing skin products range which claims to make you look younger by reducing wrinkles and other blemishes.


The results of testing reveal some surprising evidence and demonstrate that some products designed to keep you "looking good" may have other side-effects. Cherry also studies the psychology behind why we buy these products and how clever marketing tactics can make us feel less attractive than we are.

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