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Tutankhamun: The Truth Uncovered
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Tutankhamun: The Truth Uncovered. In this documentary, Dallas Campbell heads over to Egypt to uncover the truth about the most famous pharaoh of them all, The boy god Tutankhamun. He’s the most famous “mummy” of all because his tomb which was discovered back in 1922 by Howard Carter and George Herbert is the most well preserved ever and shows the grandeur of ancient Egyptian art and complex design. He is also well known because it was discovered that he died at the age of 18 making him the youngest pharaoh ever found. Tutankhamen ruled in the 18th dynasty from 1332-1323 BC which is commonly known as the New Kingdom among Egyptologists, it was a time when spectacular tombs were built in order to give the god-kings passage to the afterlife where they would live for eternity, this is the reason why so many items are placed in the tomb as the intention is they would aid the pharaoh in life after death.


This documentary explores the crucial question; What killed king Tutankhamun at such a young age? Finding the answer will take Dallas Campbell to a number of different sites in Egypt, will require the latest in scientific technology and unique experience to find out the truth. For the first time ever we see a virtual full-size autopsy using a CT scan which reveals some astonishing new evidence that points Dallas to an interesting conclusion that may not have been proven otherwise.


New DNA techniques have revealed a lot about Tut’s family history as we see in the documentary. It has now been proven without doubt who Tutankhamun’s mother and father were and in fact, he was born of incest which was something rather common since the royal’s wanted to keep the bloodline “pure” however as we know today it causes many health problems.

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