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An Inconvenient truth, the legendary documentary presented by dedicated environmentalist and  former United States politician, Al Gore. Back in 2006 when the film was made the global warming issue was really not anywhere close to being as much in the public eye as it is today. Vice president Al Gore did not just help create a documentary outlining scientific facts behind global warming, where we are today and what state the Earth will be in if people don’t change their energy habits, it was actually a crusade spanning many years to help bring this subject to the attention of the public to hopefully make a difference.


An Inconvenient Truth premiered at the Sundance film festival on May 24th 2006. The critical response could have easily gone one way or another, since a documentary like this had never been made before. It was received by critics with almost 100% praise, but not only that it was a commercial success having cost only 1 million dollars to create, it made more than 40 million in the box office. An Inconvenient Truth can be seen as a revolution in documentary film making and ultimately is one of the most successful documentaries of all time if you just looked at the figures.


This global warming documentary has been presented in schools around the world, and in lectures by Al Gore, of which Gore says he has done more than 1000’s since the release of An Inconvenient truth. The film won two academy awards and became the tenth highest grossing documentary of all time in the US.


Now more than ten years after an Inconvenient truth was made, it is still inspiring people to raise awareness about global warming. Before the Flood, presented by Lenardo DiCaprio is one of the latest examples of such a film. 


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