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The Joy of Data
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The Joy of Data”, a 2016 Wingspan documentary presented by Mathematician dr. Hannah Fry who takes an extensive look into our data driven world today. This high-tech tech dump tells us about how data is captured, stored and shared across the world instantaneously and the engineers who are working to make this ever-expanding revolution happen. 


As we see in the film one of the major ways to understanding data comes down to spotting patterns in the system which is what turned Hannah from a data hater to a data lover since this is essentially what a mathematician loves; The connection between the building blocks of the universe and the world we actually live in. Data brings order to a messy and seemingly illogical world.


In the film there are a number of interesting observations made such as the fact that by clicking on the first hyperlink within a wikipiedia article you could move from a page about marmalade and eventually find yourself on the popular boy band One Directions page. It’s these strange connections which drive Hannah in her quest to reveal more about the ordered state of data that we see in our every day lives.


What is the future, and how will the pace of technological change effect our lives? these are some of the questions which are explored in the documentary The joy of Data.

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