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The Joy of Data (preview)


This documentary is available to purchace at: http://www.wingspanproductions.co.uk/shop   “The Joy of Data”, a 2016 Wingspan documentary presented by Mathematician dr. Hannah Fry who takes an extensive look into our data driven world today. This high-tech tech dump tells[...]

Order and Disorder- Episode 2


Episode 2 in the two part documentary series Order and Disorder presented by Jim Al-Khalili. We are surrounded by both order and disorder. The universe is constantly falling into a disorderly state and this has been happening since the big bang when universally, molecules were in a much more or[...]

Wonders of the Solar System - Order out of chaos


At the time of the big bang the universe was incredibly uniform and some what perfectly distributed. Over time things in the universe go from an ordered state to a disordered one, thats just the nature behind the physics which drives the world we live in. In this documentary Professor Brian Cox expl[...]

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