The Immortalist - documentary

The Immortalist
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BBC Horizon The Immortalist documentary looks into how technology is changing the way in which we perceive the human mind. The film follows the story of Russian Billionaire Dmitry Itskov who is looking to defeat the ultimate goal of immortality.


To take on this challenge Dmitry Itskov has to learn how the Brian really works. Does it work like a conventional, logical computer or is it completely different? If it works like a computer then we are on the edge of being able to save a personality, thoughts and more onto a computer. To achieve this controversial goal he has brought together some of the most talented minds in robotics, consciousness research and neuroscience. The ultimate goal is to take his mind out of his biological body and move it onto a machine. Its both an inspiring and scary feat of science and technology.


The scientific consensus on being able to achieve immortality has polar opposite views. Some people think that we are very close to doing it while some think that it is a stupid and dangerous thing to do while others think it is simply impossible.

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