The Chameleons of Madagascar - documentary

The Chameleons of Madagascar
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A 2004 documentary about the Chameleons of Madagascar narrated by Mitch Earle. The Chameleon is one of the strangest, most illusive, colorful and rare reptiles in the world which live in both deserts and rain forests. 202 species of Chameleon are currently known and have been discovered in Africa, Madagascar, South Europe and across Asia. They are also kept as household pets across the world. 



Chameleons are probably most well know because of their ability to change colour through a variety of different patterns in the colours of pink, blue, red, orange, green, black, brown, light blue, yellow, turquoise, and purple. However not all species of Chameleon are actually able to change the colour of their skin and the pattern of the skin pigmentation is often due to is species. One of the main functions of being able to change skin colour at will is to avoid the many predators lurking in the rainforest however they are also uses for social signals as well as warding off other animals.


In this Chameleon documentary we head over to Madagascar where much of the worlds Chameleon population live.


Facts about Chameleons

  • Adult Size range from around 15mm to 69cm
  • Around half the worlds Chameleon live in Madagascar
  • The tongue is how food like flies are captured
  • Tongue can extend to catch prey in around 0.07 seconds



The films DVD cover slogan:

 "Shot on location in the natural habitats of some of the world's rarest reptiles, many of these unique and beautiful chameleon species have never before been filmed."


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