Miranda Barbour: Serial Killer Or Liar? - documentary

Miranda Barbour: Serial Killer Or Liar?
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A new 2018 documentary about the murder of Troy LaFerrara and the two people who were convicted of his killing, Miranda Barbour and her husband, Elytte Barbour. The film asks a simple question; is Barbour a liar or a serial killer?


The United States justice system has certainly come to the conclusion that Barbour is a murderer, for she was convicted in September of 2014 and sentenced to life in prison, though only for the killing of LaFerrara and not a serial spree.


In a bizarre turn on of events, Miranda claimed that she had joined a satanic cult from the age of 13 and had in fact been responsible for the deaths of a least 22 people. With a bloody conviction behind her the FBI certainly heeded her claims and investigated but they could not find any evidence.


This documentary aims to connect the dots behind these claims to distinguish whether there is any truth in them or not.


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