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Hurricane the Anatomy
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Hurricane the Anatomy, a 2018 3-part science documentary hosted by podcast personality Mike O'Meara examining the different stages of the development of a Hurricane.


The Hurricane is one of the most deadly forces of mother nature known to man here on Earth. In 1980 Hurricane Allen ripped across the Atlantic ocean with wind speeds reaching 190mph, to this it is the strongest storm ever recorded in terms of wind speed. In this documentary, we follow a hurricane as it starts out as just a light breeze in Northern Africa before moving westwards across the Atlantic into tropical waters.


As the storm moves across the sea it gathers energy from the warm sea water and the iconic (or infamous, whichever way you look at it) spiral begins to form. As well as looking at the hurricane itself "Hurricane the Anatomy" also examines how animals have adapted strategies to survive, and how humans have developed techniques to predict when and where a hurricane may occur. For people at sea, the accuracy of those predictions can mean the difference between life and death.

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