When the Levees Broke - documentary

When the Levees Broke
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When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts is a critical examination of the US governments response to the 2005 tropical cyclone "Katrina" in New Orleans.


This Hurricane Katrina documentary by director Spike Lee (Malcome X) tells the story of the devastation which was left behind after flood defences gave way when the storm swept across Southern US. While Katrina only lasted for one week at the end of August, the damage done was phenomenal and was estimated to be around 125 billion dollars, though the cost of living was far worse.


As the richest nation on Earth, one would have thought the United States Government would have delivered a significant amount of help to the State of New Orleans. But they failed.


"When the Levees Broke" follows local residents as they deal with the unprecedented destruction which has bestowed them. While the people are dealing with death, disease and destruction with an uncertain future the film highlights the fighting spirit of Orleaneans.


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