How to Survive a Plague - documentary

How to Survive a Plague
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How to Survive a Plague is a moving documentary about the global AIDS/HIV pandemic and work by organisations such as Treatment Action Group (TAG) and ACT UP.


The film was created by David France who made it in dedication to his partner Doug Gold who died from pneumonia related to AIDS  in 1992. How to Survive a Plague chronicles the historic battle against this devastating infection using more than 700 hours worth of archive footage including news reports, demonstrations, interviews with HIV activists, physicians and members of underground organizations. Most of the footage for the documentary was made during the 1980's and into the mid-nineties which was the peak of the AIDS pandemic.


This documentary was followed on by David France in a 2016 book with the same title. It expands further on topics covered in How to Survive a Plague. 

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