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Forbidden City
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The Forbidden City is one of the most magical and awe-inspiring architectural masterpieces ever made. The palace complex was built by The third Ming Emperor Yung-lo in the 15th century AD and has more than 9000 rooms and hundreds of buildings which served all emperors of China between the years 1421 and 1911.


The structure was designed to be a symbol of China’s wealth and power through a balance of huge buildings decorated in gold with intricated patterns and vast open spaces. These spaces were originally used as a place of celebration for troops who had come home after winning battles, today it is the largest museum in the country though very little has been modernised to accommodate its new functionality.


This documentary narrated by Zhou Zhiqiang explores the wonders of this complex and shows it’s contrasting vastness yet intricacy to detail and symmetrical architecture. There are few places that represent the rich history of China like the Forbidden City.

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Zhou Zhiqiang
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