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City In The Sky – Departure
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City In The Sky – Departure, the first episode in a three part series presented by Dallas Campbell and Hannah Fry. Air travel has taken the world by storm. There are currently an estimated 3300 planes in the sky across the globe traveling to a huge number of destinations full of people going on that once in a life-time holiday, going to a business meeting, doing scientific research, you name it. If you consider that on average there are around 200 people on board these aircraft then currently there are more than 660,000 people in the air right now hence the name of this new documentary series “city in the sky”.


All flights have to start with a departure from an airport which to many is a rather straight-forward task. However behind the scenes there is a lot of effort and ingenuity put into getting huge jets off the runway full of passengers which is what this episode focuses on. Dallas Campbell and Hannah Fry investigate many of the aspects of getting up to the city in the sky in detail from the construction of the mighty Airbus A380 to the intricate subliminal architecture of departure lounges.


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