Fallen Angels, True Cost of Sex Tourism: Philippine's Fatherless Kid - documentary

Fallen Angels, True Cost of Sex Tourism: Philippine's Fatherless Kid
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A 2016 RT (Russia Today) documentary exploring the phenomenon of children created by sex tourism. Angeles City is a well-known destination for Western sex tourists, a legacy of the time when there was an American air base near to the city and mostly retired and mostly American men still visit the city in search of sex for money. Thousands of women in Angeles City work as bar girls and dancers in nightclubs, offering additional services money that they need to support their families. Often these girls migrate to the big city from poor rural farming communities.


There are said to be hundreds of young children in Angeles who have been conceived by Western tourists and these are the real victims of the sex trade. They immediately stand out in a crowd because they are mixed race, and are further stigmatized because they are almost certainly the product of a prostitute and a sex tourist. In most cases the kids never get to meet their fathers, who return home after a brief holiday and in many cases may not even know that they have fathered a child. The burden of raising the child is placed upon struggling single mothers.

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