Cancer: the Forbidden Cures - documentary

Cancer: the Forbidden Cures
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Around the world there are 20,000 people everyday who will die from cancer, when translated it’s equil to about 28 million deaths every year. In America there are half a million Cancer deaths per year alone. At the beginning of the last century 1 person out of 20 would get cancer in the 1940s it was one of every 16 people. In the 1970s 1 person out of 10.  Today 1 person out of three will get cancer at some point in the course of their life.


More than 1,000,000 American citizens are diagnosed with some form of cancer each year.  They are faced with relentless medical tests, examinations second opinions medications, and follow up checks. For many they find themselves controlled by the disease. Each patient feeds a massive industry which employees hundreds of thousands of people and generates millions of dollars, so one could argue that the patients rely on the drug companies but they rely on the patients even more to hold up the massive drug sales.


Cancer is a big business one of the biggest businesses. A typical cancer patient spends at least $50,000 to treat his or her disease, with 1 million new American cancer patients every year, that translates to 50 billion dollars annuallly spent on cancer treatment in the United States.

To this very day cancer still remains a mystery and that is the main focus of this documentary which askes many questions about the lack in knowledge about cancer.

Conspiracy, Drugs, Science

Massimo Mazzucco
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