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Operation Cue
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Here we witness a civil defence documentary from the united states during the 50’s. In this film we see a several kiloton device being detonated providing something obvious: atomic bombs leaving a terrible footprint and screwing over people who are down range from the blast. Don't believe me? Just ask every person who stared in the film “The Conqueror” which was filmed in 1956. It has been ranked one of the worst movies of all time despite the fact John Wayne starred in it.


I don't know why this was rated so badly (i haven't watched the film) but what happend to the crew later is interesting. Most of “The Conqueror” was filmed in St. George, Utah which is located east of the Nevada test site; local people often reported a strong metallic taste their mouth while bobbing over to get a pint of milk in the morning. Which begs the question.. how could atmospheric tests near populated areas be allowed to take place over an extended period of time? If i saw tremendous flashes, rumbling grounds and had metallic tastes in my mouth i would get the hell out of there.. Anyhow the filming of the conqueror continued. The total film crew was 220 and in a mere 25 years 46 had died from cancer. Director Dick Powel died of cancer in 1963, Pedro Armendáriz was diagnosed with cancer and committed suicide, John Wayne himself died of cancer in 1979.

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