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Exit Through the Gift Shop
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Exit Through the Gift Shop is a 2010 documentary film directed by the highly acclaimed British street artist Banksy about Thierry Guetta, a French immigrant living in Los Angels, street artist Invader and friends. Guetta has an obsession with street art and this film follows him in his every step to capture his day to day life. Throughout the duration of the documentary we never actually find out Guetta real identity or the host of the street artists featured, something Banksy carefully made sure of by blocking out faces and using voice morphing technology. This is most likely because street art is often considered as an illegal act.


Exit Through the Gift Shop was first shown to a public audience on January 24th 2010 and quickly gained notoriety. However, because of the content of the documentary many people have brought into question as to whether it was a genuine "documentary film" or simply a "mockumentary". This question was put to Banksy who simply replied that "yes" it was a real film. The same year Exit Through the Gift Shop it was nominated and won the Academy award for the best documentary feature attributing tangible evidence to it's popularity and influence on todays culture.


As we start to watch the documentary we are introduced to Thierry who is running a successful vintage clothing shop out of Los Angels. We quickly discover that he actually has an obsession with art and religiously carries camera where ever he goes, filming his surroundings. Soon after he discovers that his cousin is the famous French street artist known as "Invader", upon finding this out, Guetta immediately begins filming how he and his friends create this artwork, unbeknown that Banksy would edit this footage into a full length documentary.


The documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop  gives a unique insight into the life of street artists around the world in a fun an entertaining mannar like never before.


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