North Korea: The Great Illusion - documentary

North Korea: The Great Illusion
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A documentary that takes us into the Democratic Peoples Republic of North Korea. After more than two years of trying to obtain access to the country documentary film makes Michaël Sztanke and Julien Alric are granted visas to enter Pyongyang. The main objective of the film is to see how the people of North Korea live but this not an easy task as every foreigner is regarded as a potential enemy of the republic and their every move is watched by tour guides.


Much of what we see in the film is a shop window which is tailored to show what the counties leaders want us to make of the nation. In one scene the French film makers visit a newly built hospital where the first and only patient they meet speaks French and could not give more praise to her supreme leader. Sound suspicious?


When footage is shown to people who used to live in North Korea they open up about what the regime is really like. Are people really living out happy lives across the country or is there a darker side that is kept in the shadows?

Conspiracy, Society

Michaël Sztanke
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Hyungnam 2016-12-06 07:33:10

North Korean subhuman beings must be starved to death.


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