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Fidel Castro: The Untold Story


Documentary about Fidel Castro. How much should we pay for "free" speech? Does personal freedom equate to personal happiness? Is Democracy just another word for rampant, devisive capitalism? If you're at all intrigued by any of these questions then familiarising yourself with the[...]

Our Queen At 90 (preview)


“Our Queen at Ninety” A documentary about Queen Elizabeth The Second of England in celebration of her 90th birthday. Since her accession in 1952 she has been head of the commonwealth which includes a total of 53 countries and 2.1 billion people across six continents. She began her r[...]

Johnny Cash: American Rebel (preview)


A documentary about the life and persona of Johnny Cash, one of Country musics most famous musicians. To tell the story the film uses a lot of archive footage as well as historical interviews with some of the people who knew Cash the most; Willie Nelson, Rodney Crowell, Rick Rubin and fami[...]

North Korea: The Great Illusion


A documentary that takes us into the Democratic Peoples Republic of North Korea. After more than two years of trying to obtain access to the country documentary film makes Michaël Sztanke and Julien Alric are granted visas to enter Pyongyang. The main objective of the film is to[...]

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