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Commando: On The Front Line
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Commando: On The Front Line, is a 2014 military documentary series directed by Chris Terril for ITV. 


Chris spends 12 months with new recruits for the Royal Marine Commandos as they go through a hellish 32-week training course which notoriously known to be the most challenging in the world both mentally and physically. Eventually, these soldiers will be on the front line defending Britains interests and in this documentary, we will watch many of the hurdles individuals will have to go through before making the cut.


Not only did Chris document the training of the commandos in Afganistan during 2007, he also participated in the training himself. He was the oldest person (55 at the time) to complete and pass all four of the commando training tests for which he was awarded the Green Beret.


So if you watch Commando: On The Front Line, you will see a much closer account of the Royal Marine Commandos than most documentaries provide. Because of this, the series has been hailed as a modern classic in military documentaries and as a result, a second series was made in 2013. This is season 1 which contains 8 episodes beginning at the start of the Commando training program and then moving from one tough training regime to the next, each one becoming more challenging than the latter.

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