Bronx is Burning 1972

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About the Bronx is Burning 1972 documentary

Presenter Man Alive presented by Jeremy James Category HistorySociety Year 1972 Watch time 00:51:30

Follow the men of Engine 82 and Ladder 31 from Battalion 27’s South Bronx Fire House who despite covering just one square mile of New Yorks Bronx district are the busiest fire station in the world, with 10,000 calls a year these men respond to a call-out on average every 45 minutes 24 hours a day 365 days a year few would dispute that claim.

Pioneering for the day as ‘fly on the wall’ type documentaries were in their infancy in the early 1970’s this film is also a valuable historical record of what life was like for firefighters of that generation where fighting fires required  “getting in close” with a hose reel and drag hook note the lack of breathing apparatus as teams of men tackle fires in high rise blocks and the toll it takes on the men……..truly amazing stuff……………….

appologies for the sound being slightly out of sync this is an old film



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