Britney Spears For The Record - documentary

Britney Spears For The Record
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A 2008 film about the American singer Britney Spears following her return to the recording industry. The documentary directed by Phil Griffin was recorded in Beverly Hills and New York, following the idol through intimate moments in her life which have been published in the media a lot. There are few documentaries that give such an insight into her life and this one features a special appearance from Madonna, a singer who has gone through similar struggles as Britney.


Yes, this Britney Spears documentary explores hidden moments that are often not seen by the public and sheds a new light on the star which is often not seen by the public and certainly not portrayed by the mainstream media. “Britney Spears For The Record” premiered on MTV after the release of her sixth studio album, “Circus” for which the film served as a promotional tool as well as “setting the record straight”.

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Britney Spears
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