Where is Flight MH370? - documentary

Where is Flight MH370?
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Documentary about Malaysia airlines flight MH370. The disappearance of Malaysia airlines flight MH370 on march 8th 2014 caught the attention of the entire world as nation after nation joined the effort to find where the lost plane was. This BBC horizon documentary (2014) gives a forensic analysis of all of the known facts surrounding the Ill-fated flight with 239 passengers. There are loads of theories about what happened to the plane; some of the theories are plausible and some are not. People have speculated everything from the plane falling into The Bermuda Triangle, a suicidal pilot and technical problems. The simple fact is nobody really knows.


The international airways are like giant invisible motorways which are heavily monitored and have periodic “way points”. Flight MH370 was traveling from Kuala Lumpur International Airport near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to Beijing Capital International Airport in Beijing, China. Just after taking off the pilots were told to change the course which would fly them across the waypoint called Lgari. The plane is the advanced Boeing 777 which has a fantastic 19 year track record as being a reliable aircraft and has a feature that automatically sends out a beacon which is picked up by air traffic control as well as practially being able to fly itself from point a to b as defined. The last ping that was picked up showed that the airplane was on the correct course for Beijing. This is where the mystery starts.


Apparently the plane flew on past the last check in for another 7 hours which left a search area of 120,000sq km, based on how much fuel they had left. This presents a massive problem for the search team who started their search in the Gulf of Thailand. After months of searching an Australian search crew found the pinging signals from a black box which was presumed to be from flight 370. The problem is the box was more than 5 kilometres below the ocean surface so actually retrieving it is almost impossible. 


As a result we may never know the fate of the passengers as well as how the plane came to be so far off course. What caused Malaysia airlines MH370 to crashed may never be fully understood but this documentary explores much of the information that is known about it.

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