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When Albums Ruled the World


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When Albums Ruled the World documentary. The invention of the long playing record in the mid 1960’s paved the way for popular music in the future. This was the first time history that you could escape the confinement of a mere three minuets of recording, which would only be one averaged sized song and move the capability of fitting a whole albums worth of songs. The art of the music seeped onto album sleeves like never before and now artists could create seem less stories of music bounding their ideas into one continuous ribbon of sound.


Of course, the invention of the LP was big money for the music industry to the extent where it made more money than Hollywood. However as with all technology it becomes obsolete as newer and cheaper technologies become available. The technological death nail came for the vinyl in the late 70’s and the heyday of this format was confined to the history books.

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smithy1 year ago

Can't beat Vinyl!