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Michio Kaku: Time

2006 Unrated

Time: A four-part documentary series presented by American theoretical physicist and pioneer of string theory Michio Kaku.   Beginning with our everyday perception of time through our body clocks, Michio delves deeper and deeper into our understanding of this universal variable. He looks[...]


1985 Unrated

  Chronos is an abstract documentary film created by award-winning American filmmaker Ron Fricke. This film preceded the famous films Baraka (1992)  and Samsara (2011) and like those films, it too has no actors or dialogue using only imagery with specially built time-laps[...]

History of the World in 2 Hours

2011 Unrated

  The Big Bang Theory is an effort to explain what happened at the very beginning of our universe. The theory is that our universe sprang into existence as singularity around 13.7 billion years ago. The history of humans or the dinosaurs is insignificant within this timescale, even the Earth[...]

Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey 1- Standing Up In The Milky Way

2014 Unrated

Cosmos: A Space-time Odyssey, the first episode in the landmark follow-up to the original science documentary series presented by Carl Sagan.

Precision: The Measure of All Things


Precision: The Measure of All Things is a 2013, three-part documentary series created by professor Marcus du Sautoy that follows the history of the human pursuit of precision measurement. Each of the three episodes in this documentary series follows a number of main subjects. Episode 1 is[...]

Stephen Hawking: A Brief History of Time

1991 Unrated

A Brief History of Time is, of course, based on Stephen Hawking’s seminal work. It attempts to explain almost everything from black holes to E=MC2. This is for anyone who wants to sound like the smartest guy or girl in the room – it’s a fantastic documentary that is based on one of[...]

The Beginning and End of the Universe


Respected quantum physicist Jim Al-Khalili presents a two-part documentary series about the start and the demise of our universe titled “The Beginning and End of the Universe”. We know that the universe is expanding, this was first observed by Edwin Hubble who actually saw it acceleratin[...]

Voyage of Time (preview)


Voyage of Time is a new 2016 science documentary narrated by Hollywood actors Brad Pitt & Cate Blanchett examining the story of the Universe. The film which will be presented in IMAX technology is the culmination of four years work by director Terrence Malick (November 30, 1943) who is the[...]

GENIUS by Stephen Hawking: Can We Travel in Time?

2016 Unrated

“GENIUS by Stephen Hawking: Can We Travel in Time?” The first episode in a six part documentary series presented by Stephen Hawking. In this film professor Hawking challenges three people to determine if time travel is possible. The fascinating journey of discovery feature[...]

Forces of Nature with Brian Cox: Somewhere in Spacetime


Somewhere in Spacetime Episode 2, a 2016 Brian Cox documentary as part of the series Forces Of Nature. In this film Brian explains the Earths amazing 66,000km/h journey around the Sun and where it puts us in space-time. We are traveling and rotating at an astonishing speed, yet b[...]

Through The Wormhole: What is Nothing?


Through the Worm Hole Season 3 episode 5 what is nothing? In this documentary Morgan Freeman explores the concept of nothing. We all have some picture of what nothing is but are these ideas really true? To find out we have to look into the newly discovered science of quantum mechanics, a strang[...]

The Story of God with Morgan Freeman 2: Apocalypse


  The second episode in the documentary series presented by Morgan Freeman: The Story of God. In the second episode, we look into the Apocalypse, a tale described in almost all religions and something that we all think about from time to time. The universe had a beginning so surely it m[...]

How the Universe Works: What Caused the Big Bang?


This documentary looks into what caused the big bang which if we turn back the cosmic clock we would see happened around 13.8 billion years ago. The big bang describes the state of the universe only a couple of femtosecond’s after time started which is a time so close to the beginning of time[...]

How Big is the Universe?


In this documentary BBC horizon investigates the question, how big is the Universe? At face value the idea of mapping out the universe is a simple task much like making accurate maps here on Earth however you would be wrong as the universe is certainly not a static object. The known or visible unive[...]

Journey to the Edge of the Universe


A documentary that takes us on a Journey to the edge of the universe. The movie starts not far from where you are now; at the edge of the Earths atmosphere which is about an hours drive away. From then on its a journey which covers millions of miles to the planet Venus, then onto Mercury which is th[...]

Human Universe - Place in Space and Time (preview)

2014 Unrated

The fourth episode of the documentary series Human Universe by Brian Cox. In this episode we explore our knowledge about our place in space and time. It has only been in recent times, perhaps the last couple of hundred years that we knew we are on a ball of rock, the third outpost in a solar system[...]

Human Universe - Apeman Spaceman


In this documentary professor Brian Cox presents the first out of five episodes of the hit series “Human Universe”. “Apeman Spaceman” is a look into how the fine tuning and almost infinitesimally small chances of time and space made us who we are today, from us even existing[...]

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