Journey to the Edge of the Universe - documentary

Journey to the Edge of the Universe
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A documentary that takes us on a Journey to the edge of the universe. The movie starts not far from where you are now; at the edge of the Earths atmosphere which is about an hours drive away. From then on its a journey which covers millions of miles to the planet Venus, then onto Mercury which is the core of a massive planet that was destroyed by some unknown event.


We then visit the sun which controls everything we have done in the past, everything we do now and will continue to do so into the foreseeable future. The documentary then moves onto the outer planets of the solar system. However, this is just the beginning as our solar system is only the doorstep in the journey to the edge of the universe which is unimaginably far away.


What’s special about this documentary is that it does not simply rely on CGI for the graphics. Images from the Hubble telescope are used when possible.


Alec Baldwin
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