sugar Documentaries

Big Sugar

2005 Unrated

  Big Sugar has been big business, not just in recent years with the explosion of the junk food & drink industries but for centuries.   This documentary which was directed and narrated by top Canadian filmmaker Brian Mckenna shows how the sugar cartel came to be. Using dramati[...]

What the Health


What the Health is a 2007 food & health documentary co-directed by Kip Andersen and Keegan Kuhn which aims to expose negative health impact of dairy and meat products.   The film is a follow-up to the incredibly successful 2014 documentary "Cowspiracy" which focused on the s[...]

Hungry for Change (preview)


Hungry for Change is made by James Colquhoun, the maker of the 2008 documentary "Food Matters" which covers shocking truths in diets which are made out to be healthy.   You only have to search on Google or read a magazine to find that there are a huge number of people advocating[...]

Sugar Coated


Is sugar the new tobacco? This is a question that Michèle Hozer asks for her 2015 documentary Sugar Coated which investigates how the food industry quashed hard science and stopped us talking about the toxicity of sugar.   The story begins back in the 70's during a secret PR ca[...]

A collection of sugar documentaries to watch online.