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How Big is the Universe?

2012 00:58:02

In this documentary BBC horizon investigates the question, how big is the Universe? At face value the idea of mapping out the universe is a simple task much like making accurate ma...

The Light Bulb Conspiracy

2010 00:52:53

The light Bulb conspiracy documentary starts in 1928 when a number of businessmen decided that when the products they are selling are made to last a long time it is ...

Faster Than the Speed of Light?

2011 00:58:07

As we know the speed at which photons can travel is essentially the “speed limit” within our Universe. To our current knowledge nothing can travel faster than ...

Colour The Spectrum Of Science Season 1 Episode 3 – Beyond The Rainbow

2015 00.58.53 Unrated

In the third episode of this series, Dr Helen Czerski looks at the colours beyond the rainbow and the invisible world of infra-red and ultra-violet. While these wave froms of light...

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