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The Day the Universe Changed


The Day the Universe Changed, a ten-part documentary presented by British Broadcaster and science historian James Burke exploring the effects of advances in science and technology from a philosophical aspect. The name of the documentary, which was first shown in 1985 comes from the idea that th[...]

Light and Dark


Light has been used to reveal almost everything we know about the universe because that is what enables us to see the cosmos.   In the 2-part 2013 documentary "Light and Dark", British professor Jim Al-Khalili investigates how we have used light to explore our universe, with a s[...]

How Big is the Universe?


In this documentary BBC horizon investigates the question, how big is the Universe? At face value the idea of mapping out the universe is a simple task much like making accurate maps here on Earth however you would be wrong as the universe is certainly not a static object. The known or visible unive[...]

The Light Bulb Conspiracy


The Light Bulb Conspiracy documentary starts in 1928 when a number of businessmen decided that when the products they are selling are made to last a long time it is detrimental to their businesses. Ever since the 1920’s the Obsolescence of products has increased massively.[...]

Faster Than the Speed of Light?


As we know the speed at which photons can travel is essentially the “speed limit” within our Universe. To our current knowledge nothing can travel faster than 299,792,458 meters per second and even getting close to this golden number takes an enormous amount of energy. CER[...]

Colour The Spectrum Of Science Season 1 Episode 3 – Beyond The Rainbow

2015 Unrated

In the third episode of this series, Dr Helen Czerski looks at the colours beyond the rainbow and the invisible world of infra-red and ultra-violet. While these wave froms of light are invisble to us, many animals in the animal kingdom can tap into them giving them a massive evolutionary advantage o[...]

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