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The Fire Breather: Donald Trump
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When Donald Trump first began his political career it was viewed by many to be a joke. However every time he is attacked by politicians and the media his presidential campaign just becomes stronger and stronger to the point where Trump could well be the next president of the United States. Because of this it’s clear that the message Donald speaks is one a huge number of people in the United States can relate to which is exactly what’s explored in the CBC News documentary “The Fire Breather: Donald Trump”.  The 2016 presidential run has become one of the most volatile in American history and it is only getting more heated as Trumps messages of anger and condemnation against minority groups becomes ever more on the fringes of what is acceptable in todays society.



Trumps rhetoric is almost always the same and according to statistics people are liking what they hear despite his speeches rarely going into much depth about the economic situation. The documentary interviews News anchor Tom Brokaw and Rolling Stone political writer Matt Taibbi in an attempt to understand just what factors are so attractive about Trump. The first and most obvious reason is he was already a celebrity and billionaire before the election campaign. This makes him both a friendly face and someone to aspire to from a business point of view. Years of fame and television appearances have allowed him to adapt to the political circus with relative ease allowing his personality to exude across the digital waves. Trump has also used social media as a tool to spread his message, something that a lot of competing candidates have failed to do. Will Donald Trump take the helm of the US from Barack Obama and become the 45th president of the United States? It seems unlikely but certainly possible.

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Bob McKeown
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A slightly bias documentary by cbc. Balanced reporting from Docur though.

Reviewed on November 12, 2016


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