president Documentaries

Obama: The President Who Inspired the World

2018 Unrated

  The 2018 Obama: The President Who Inspired the World documentary takes a look at the life and presidency of Barak Obama.   Matt Frei chronicles Obama, from his rise into politics and becoming the 54th President of the United States. While his inauguration was a momentous event,[...]

Anonymous - Hillary Clinton: The Hillary Files


Anonymous present the Hillary Clinton files in this full length documentary detailing (almost) everything that you need to know about the potential future president of the United States. We know a lot about clinton from her brazen acts on the T.V but what information can be compiled together from pu[...]

The Fire Breather: Donald Trump


When Donald Trump first began his political career it was viewed by many to be a joke. However every time he is attacked by politicians and the media his presidential campaign just becomes stronger and stronger to the point where Trump could well be the next president of the United States. Beca[...]

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