Terms and Conditions May Apply - documentary

Terms and Conditions May Apply
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Terms and Conditions May Apply, a 2013 technology documentary created by American filmmaker Cullen Hoback which looks into how governments and corporations use the information you put on social media and e-commerce websites.


It is pretty obvious that if you use Facebook and Google, they have a lot of information about you. High traffic sites like these all have terms and conditions that you have to agree to when signing up. They are often long and strewn out, and most people probably don't read half of the agreement, if any of it at all. Sometimes they are made to be expeditious reads exactly because the company wants to make it confusing as it most likely contains clauses that would put you of inputting information into their database.


The Terms and Conditions May Apply documentary examines the facts of how our data is used online and is especially critical of Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn.


Cullen Hoback
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