H.O.P.E.: What You Eat Matters - documentary

H.O.P.E.: What You Eat Matters
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H.O.P.E.: What You Eat Matters, a 2016 documentary by Austrian author and filmmaker Nina Messinger which investigates possible solutions to the world hunger problem.


The main point the film makes is to highlight how ruinously inefficient eating meat has been and is. For while 65 billion land animals are slaughtered every year for food consumption and one-third of global grain production is fed to animals, at least 1.8 billion people suffer from starvation around the world.


The solution? It is right in front of us; changing our eating habits. The film suggests that if we start to reduce the number of animals in our diets we can safeguard the environment and help bring many people out of hunger.


Paul McCartney, who is a huge advocate of people eating less meat said this about the film:

“This important film highlights the choices we must make to help protect the planet and all its inhabitants”.

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