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Earthlings, a documentary about humankind's total reliance on animals for economic purposes narrated by American actor and producer Joaquin Phoenix. The film, which was directed by Shaun Monson uses hidden cameras in different industries to expose human exploitation which happens behind closed doors for enormous profit.


The 2005 documentary “Earthlings” is split into five chapters, each one covering an important industry: pets, food, clothing, entertainment and scientific research. Some of these economies only exist because of our over-indulgence in things we do not really need, never the less it makes them huge money-makers and often puts animals through an inhumane life.


There have been a lot of documentaries about animals cruelty since Earthlings was released, however, this one really set the bar at a high level. The fame of Joaquin Phoenix helped push the subject into the mainstream and one can see that it is a subject close to his heart as he is a vegan. The movie also features music by Moby which helps illustrate the distressing images further


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