Cosmic Journeys: The Age of Hubble - documentary

Cosmic Journeys: The Age of Hubble
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The latest and greatest in high tech telescopes have allowed for an unprecedented view of the cosmos. Cosmic Journeys - The Age of Hubble takes us through an array of different telescopes located all around the world, from the Very Large Telescope located on the Atacama Desert of northern Chilie, to the Hubble telescope orbiting 559km above Earths surface. These telescopes are highly sophisticated and take years to develop. For example Hubble is known as “the telescope that almost broke NASA” because it cost 2.5 Billion dollars to build and when it was launched on April 24th 1990 scientists quickly realized the images were blurry; They fitted the wrong lens. This is just one example of the amazing technical challenges both on Earth and in space that are being undertaken to further enhance the view of the Universe.


This documentary uses CGI and real images to show the galaxies and various cosmic phenomena which has been discovered over the years.

Science, Technology

Dick Rodstein
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