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Journeys with George
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Journeys with George is an American TV producer's home movie of her 18-month road trip on the campaign trail with George W. Bush as he struggles to evolve from a cowboy into a diplomat. Alexandra Pelosi had the great good fortune or misfortune, whichever way you look at it, to spend more than a year on planes and buses in the company of President-to-be George W. Bush. Journeys with George is at once a hack road movie - and a funny one too - and an informal portrait of the man who has now become president of the United States.  The film addresses many questions, both big and small. What sort of belt does Dubya favour with his cowboy boots? What does the notorious teetotaler drink? How is it possible for most of the journalists on the bus to spend so much time with Bush without attaining any degree of intimacy? Thankfully, Alexandra Pelosi does better than the rest of the hacks. She does find out a good deal about George as well as discovering the sorry state of journalism in our times. The New World Order cannot be too far away if we let this guy be the leader of the free world.

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