plant Documentaries

Plants Behaving Badly


Plants Behaving Badly, a two-part documentary series hosted by British naturalist David Attenborough looking at the behaviour of two groups of plants. Orchids and carnivorous plants.   The show begins by looking at the "mischievous" aspects of orchids, a trait noticed by Charles[...]

The Private Life of Plants


The Private Life of Plants: a 1995 documentary by naturalist David Attenborough who presents a compelling look at the life cycles of plants from across the globe. The time scale plants change on is more suited to be analysed on a weekly to monthly basis and as a result, this was one of the earlier d[...]

The Botany of Desire


The Botany of Desire, a 2009 nature documentary based on the 2001 book "The Botany of Desire: A Plant's-Eye View of the World" Michael Pollan. In the book, Pollan uses four cases studies to show how selective breeding of plants is reflected in human desires. These are; The tulip, beaut[...]

Britains Nuclear Secrets: Inside Sellafield


On a remote North west coast of England, lies one of the most secretive and controversial nucleur plants in the world, Sellafield. For decades its has been shrowded in conspiracy and secrecy, but for the first time in its history, they have allowed cameras into its grounds. Nucleur Ph[...]

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