London Documentaries

Professor Green: Working Class White Men


Working Class White Men is a new Channel 4 documentary created by Professor Green about people in the UK who feel they do not have a voice. In the film, Mr Green visits a far-right rally in Rochdale in response to the growing number of sexual abuse cases in the town and speaks to people who are in s[...]

Gangland: Turf Wars


Gangland Turf Wars is the first episode in a two-part documentary series produced by Channel 5, first released on September 1st, 2016. Filmmakers have been given unprecedented access to some of the most notorious gangs in London to build a picture of what it is like to live in a gang. The[...]

Millionaire Basement Wars


Millionaire Basement Wars documentary. The basement building boom is in full swing as multinational millionaires are snapping up property within London’s most affluent districts such as Kensington and Mayfair to turn them into mega homes. For the property owners it is seen as a worth-while inv[...]

A collection of London documentaries to watch online.