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Britain’s Gay Footballers

2012 Unrated

In 1990 Justin Fashanu became the first British professional footballer to come out as gay whilst still playing football, the troubled striker would commit suicide just eight years later. No British footballer has come out as homosexual since, but there are said to be numerous gay players in the Eng[...]

The Real Football Factories

2006 Unrated

Playing the lead role in the hugely successful football hooligan film The Football Factory (2004) was probably the pinnacle of Danny Dyer’s acting career, although it probably also helped to pigeonhole him into playing the role of a typical cockney ‘geezer’ and much of his work tha[...]

History of Football: The Beautiful Game


History of Football: The Beautiful Game was a stunning 2002 series which gave a comprehensive overview of the history of the game of football, in a global context. It starts at the origins of the game and shows how the sport has affected history in general, it was even responsible for the start of t[...]

Chelsea Headhunters


A 1999 investigative documentary by Irish journalist Donald MacIntyre following the notorious Chelsea Headhunters football hooligan firm, which has ties to the professional Premier league football club Chelsea.   Chelsea F.C has a worldwide following including a group of London-based hool[...]


2005 Unrated

  This documentary follows Neil Warnock as he manages British football team Sheffield United through the 2004/2005 Championship season.   "Warnock" is a fly-the-wall sports documentary meaning what you see is what you get. It provides a unique insight into Warnock's[...]

This is Anfield

2016 Unrated

  “This is Anfield” was created by Liverpool football club in celebration of their iconic home ground. Anfield is one of the oldest stadiums in the world and a centre of football which has a capacity for 54,000 people, though this is a far cry from when it was first bui[...]

David Beckham: A Footballers Story

2006 Unrated

  This David Beckham documentary follows the English football star as he prepares for the 2006 world cup in Germany. For many reasons, this is considered to be the peak of his career as he got the opportunity to be captain of England and have a good run (by English standards) for t[...]

Cristiano Ronaldo My Story

2016 Unrated

  Cristiano Ronaldo, born February 5th, 1985 in Portugal is considered to be one of the best footballers of all time. At the age of 15, he began playing at Clube Desportivo Nacional before being transferred to Sporting Clube de Portugal (Sporting Lisbon) where he played in youth te[...]

Alan Shearer: Dementia, Football and Me

2017 Unrated

Newcastle football legend Alan Shearer investigates whether there is a connection between playing a lot of football and the dementia. This is has been a hot topic in the news recently but is there actually a connection between the two based on solid science? Brain damage is believed to be cause[...]

The Class of 92


A football documentary chronicling the rise of the most famous stars of Manchester United in the 90’s, David Beckham, Paul Scholes, Giggs and Nicky butt. The film documents in detail the clubs history from 1992 until 1999 when they won the European cup.    T[...]

E:60 Reports: Sepp Blatter and FIFA


FIFA is a corporation which has seen controversy after controversy for years now. It was only since the FBI raided them in the states that any main stream attention has been focused on exposing the corruption within the organisation instead of it being swpet under the rug. Most attention has be[...]

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