encryption Documentaries

Inside the Dark Web


Inside the Dark Web documentary: Decades after the initial launch of the internet as a tool for scientific research it has turned into a whole different beast which is used for surveillance by governments and other, darker organisations. This is of great concern to a lot of people in light of r[...]

The Hacker Wars

2014 Unrated

  The Hacker Wars, a documentary about hacktivists who are using online technologies to bring about social change and are a target for the US government. The film follows the so-called “information warriors” and takes us to the front-line for “the war for our mind[...]

Silk Road: Drugs, Death and the Dark Web


Silk Road was dubbed as being the “Amazon of the dark web”. Operating on the Onion encryption network (Tor), Silk road conducted all kinds of criminal activity from the ability to hire a hit man, buy drugs, “hire a hacker” among thousands of other things. While the[...]

A collection of encryption documentaries to watch online.