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The Woman Who Wasn't There
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The Woman Who Wasn't There, a 2012 feature-length documentary directed by Angelo J. Guglielmo Jr. about Tania Head who shares her tragic story of surviving the September 11th terrorist atrocity.


There are thousands of terrible personal accounts of 9/11 but Tanias' is particularly disturbing for she was working at Merril Lynch on the 78th floor of the South Tower the plane crashed into it. This makes her one of only 19 people to survive from above where their aircraft struck the twin towers... If her story was indeed true.


When the press looked into her background after coming out with an incredible story of crawling out of the burning building they found inconsistencies. She never worked for Merril Lynch and her fiancee who she claimed died in the North Tower apparently never knew her.


So essentially The Woman Who Wasn't There is a documentary about the woman who tricked everyone until 2007 when it was proven that her story was complete BS.

Conspiracy, 9/11

Angelo Guglielmo
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