The Universe: Deep Space Disasters - documentary

The Universe: Deep Space Disasters
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Deep Space disasters are going to be a part of the real world in the next 50 years. Traditionally it is known that the most dangerous parts of a space mission is within the first 50 miles and the last 50, where an important vessel is placed upon a volatile mixture of oxygen and liquid hydrogen and propelled out of the Earths grasp until the mission approaches its destination where problems can become exponential. This documentary explores the future problems of space travel; the technology that we are going to be presented with and the potential solutions that are going to be developed in tangent with it. However as technology expands the responsibility that comes with it becomes ever more important. Take for example the 1997 movie “Event Horizon” which is about a space ship that can create an artificial wormhole and travel instantaneously from one part of the universe to the other. Once that technology has been developed the idea of performing those tasks seems logical but to the protagonists in the film it throws them into a whole world of problems; more in fact than they could have ever imagined. Space exploration on the next level is bound to cause controversy and speculation but it is important that we learn from mistakes in the past (such as Nuclear weapons for example) so that wisdom can be learnt before progress. 


Erik Thompson
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